I'm the biggest Pepe The Frog fan, I dream every night about marrying him. I prefer the classics though, like Pepe R, Pepe 3 & Dolan, and Pepe 3d Blast. One day the mailman came, with a package. "OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR", he yelled. I opened it. "YOU BETTER FUCKIN PAY ME MY MONEY OR YOU ARE SO FUCKED", he screeched at the top of his lungs. I just gave him a crisp 20 dollar bill. It was Pepe The Frog, I squealed with excitement. My pet bat started screeching. "SHUT THE FUCK UP", I yelled at him. He obeyed me because I hit him a lot. I popped it in my Nintendo Dreamcast and started to play. It started with the usual Nintendo logo with screaming. Then Pepe showed up. on the logo I screamed.

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