So there I was looking for a copy of Sonic Adventure 7Right and what would like another bootleg and it said Sonic Adventure 9 his eyes are red yeah this large smile that kind of cover that went up to his eyes after I brought it and look at the title screen  playing it that looked I was sent to level 1 but there was no enemies only copies of Sonic but they all kind of looked menacing hey David give me with a blank stare but I got to the post for when you like get to the gole what looks like Sonic with a robotic arm showed up as it had red eyes and a smile that went up to his eyes just like the title screen if I was playing as knuckles and as soon as I got to me the game over screen it shows knuckles is staring at me with those  black eye his color was a bit darkened the sonic knuckles was running from was right next to him I heard a strange voice from behind me and to my surprise sonic plush and Knuckles plus just like in the game was  right there.